Registration Service

Welcome to the NDLUG IRC Registration Service. You may use the online registration system below to register an account or you may use the information below to directly connect to our service.

Anonymous Web Client

The quickest way to join our IRC server is to use the Gamja Web Client with the link below:

Launch Web Client

This method requires no registration or authentication. Just pick a nickname and join the fun!

If you are interested in having more features such as chat history, you can either register to use our hosted service or you can configure your own IRC client.

Online Registration

To register a new account or to update the password of an existing account for, please enter in the email address associated with the account in the form below:

This process will both register or update your IRC account and create a Lounge account at that you can use as a web-based IRC client.

IRC Service

To connect directly to our IRC service using your favorite IRC client, please use the following information:

Host Port 6697

Once connected, you can contact the Nick Service to register your account: /msg NickServ help.

IRC Clients

If you wish to use your own IRC client, here is a list of IRC clients NDLUG members enjoy using:

Name Platforms Notes
The Lounge Web A hosted version is provided at
WeeChat Linux, macOS, Windows Terminal-based but has multiple front-ends
Textual macOS Free if you compile yourself
HexChat Linux, Windows
IRC Cloud Web Free tier available